Independent Study Courses

Here are some basic facts about Seminary Extenison courses that you should know before you start the process of enrolling into them.

First, there are over sixty courses to choose from in three areas: Biblical Studies, Theological/Ethics/History Studies; and Practical Ministries Studies.

Second, these courses are ideally suited for persons who have completed at least their high school diploma but do not plan to pursue a degree. It is true that you can use them to work towards a certificate or diploma program and it is also true that some institutions over the years have accepted some of them for credit towards degree programs. But our ministry objective is to encourage and equip men and women to grow spiritually and improve their knowledge and ministry skills for serving in the local church. You are not required to have completed high school or a GED, but individuals who enroll without a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent may only take the courses for personal growth. If your goal is to use them toward a Seminary Extension certificate or diploma, or you hope to use them as credit hour transfer courses to other educational institutions, then you must have your official high school or GED transcript sent directly to Seminary Extension from the institution where you graduated.

Third, they also provide excellent learning opportunities for lay church members and bivocational ministers who are interested in formal equipping for ministry. Seminary graduates also find these courses helpful as refresher studies. All of our courses may be taken by independent study, and in some cases students are able to form groups so that they can study in certified SE centers.

Finally, our courses use a performance-based or content-based methodology instead of the normal class-hour format. Nevertheless, they require a minimum of 87 hours of study time for successful completion of courses in the 2000 series (GM2500 for instance) and 126 hours of study time for courses in the 3000 series (BB3100 for instance). Application is a key element of our courses so some parts are devoted to evaluating the ministry experience. To achieve our course outcomes, we emphasize student investigation, exploration and the memorizing facts.

Enrollment Steps

Step One: Choose the course into which you want to enroll. An interactive list of courses is provided below. By selecting a course from the list you will be able to view a catalog description of it. All courses with a number in the 2000 series are $136.00 plus textbooks. All courses with a number in the 3000 series are $169.00 plus textbooks.
Step Two: Open the course application and order form by clicking here. This will open an interactive form for you to fill in the information required.
Step Three: Print the completed form.
Step Four: Sign and initial the form pages and mail the form along with payment for the course to Seminary Extension.
That’s it! Once we receive your application and order from in the mail, we will enroll you into the course and mail your materials to you.

If you need additional information on what is required in order to compete a Seminary Extension course, call or write to us using the information provided in the contact us link located on the banner at the top of this page.

For More Information on Seminary Extension

In order to learn more about Seminary Extenison our policies and course offerings please see the current online catalog or contact us by clicking here..

Diploma Courses: Biblical

BB 2102 Biblical Backgrounds
BB 3100 How To Understand The Bible
NT 2171 Mark
NT 2175 Romans
NT 2176 First Corinthians
NT 2177 Galatians
NT 2179 Philippians, Colossians & Philemon
NT 2181 1 & 2 Thessalonians
NT 2182 1 & 2 Timothy
NT 2187 James
NT 2190 Revelation
NT 2270 Matthew
NT 2273 John
NT 2274 Acts
NT 3166 New Testament Survey, Part 1
NT 3167 New Testament Survey, Part 2
NT 3172 Luke
OT 2133 Nehemiah
OT 2206 Genesis, Part I
OT 3103 Old Testament Survey, Part 1
OT 3104 Old Testament Survey, Part II
OT 3125 Isaiah
OT 3132 Amos
OT 3207 Exodus
OT 3226 Jeremiah

Diploma Courses: Theological

CE 3231 Introduction to Christian Ethics
CH 2313 Southern Baptist Heritage
CH 3211 History of Christianity
CH 3212 History of Christian Thought
MS 2222 Survey of Baptist Missions
MS 3223 Contemporary World Religions
TH 2302 Philosophy Of Religion
TH 3200 Systematic Theology
TH 3201 New Testament Theology

Diploma Courses: Practical

CA 3281 Principles of Church Administration
CD 2390 How To Plant A Church
CE 2232 Marriage and Family
CE 2233 Women Leading Women
GM 2500 Formation For Ministry
GM 2501 Disciplines of Discipleship
GM 2565 The Bivocational Pastor
PM 2254 Public Worship
PM 2255 Evangelism
PM 2258 Pastoral Leadership In A Small Church
PM 3257 Contemporary Christian Preaching
PM 3259 Pastoral Ministry
PM 3351 Pastoral Care
RE 2262 Childhood Education in the Church
RE 2265 Working With Youth in the Church
RE 3260 Educational Ministry in the Church
RE 3264 Dynamics of Teaching