Independent Study: About

Students who wish to participate in distance education have easy access to Seminary Extension courses through the Independent Study Institute (ISI).

Highly motivated students can learn as much through home study as they can through class attendance. The independent study method has several advantages:

  • The student chooses the place and method to study
  • Time of study and pace can be adjusted to fit the student's personal needs
  • The choice and sequence of courses can be completely personalized
  • The courses are available anywhere and at any time

Students may study Seminary Extension courses at home through correspondence.

When taking level two courses, students receive the services of an instructor, one or more textbooks, a study guide, and a study kit or supplement. Each course contains lessons organized into units of study. To earn transferable credit hours for a course, students must provide an official copy of their High School Transcript or a copy of their GED to Seminary Extension and successfully complete a supervised final examination.

ISI instructors serve as learning coaches, giving students personal counsel and encouragement. Most hold earned doctorates in the subject area in which they are instructing.

In order to get started, simply contact Seminary Extension for a copy of our enrollment form or complete the enrollment form available on this website. You will find a downloadable ISI course enrollment form here, which can be filled in and mailed to us with your payment for enrollment.

Students enrolled in Basic (non-credit) courses, will receive a study guide and other materials necessary for completing the course. They also receive the services of an instructor to encourage them along the way. These courses contain twelve or thirteen lessons. No tests are required. A student sends progress reports to the ISI offices to be evaluated by their instructor and at the conclusion of their work, they will receive a Pass/Fail grade for the course.